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Top Reasons Why You Need Affordable San Antonio Health Insurance 

When you’re young and healthy it’s easy not to worry about health insurance, until the unexpected happens and you’re not prepared. At the same time, the uninsured increase the costs for everyone else using the Texas healthcare system. 

Many people who are uninsured end up in the emergency room when an unexpected accident or illness strikes. This can result in expensive medical procedures and bills that are impossible to pay, and never to get paid. 

It’s a bad for the individual as it ruins their credit worthiness, and bad for the hospitals that must cover the difference and thus increase general costs and healthcare for everyone. 

Health Insurance Prepares you for Life’s Surprises 

Here’s an example that happens more than you might think. Bob decides to opt out paying for a health insurance plan. He goes most of the year doing great. He hasn’t needed to see a doctor all year, nor has he even had a cold. Then one day Bob is at the gym and worst happens. He’s struck with a heart attack. Bob is rushed to the ER and undergoes a bypass surgery. The emergency surgery saves Bob’s life.  

After the dust has settled Bob is presented an $85,000 surgery bill. If Bob would have just paid his tax-deductible monthly health insurance premiums, he would be recovering from his heart attack without the added stress of financial ruin. 

Health Insurance Motivates You to Preserve Your Health 

When you purchase health insurance it incentivizes you to get your annual checkup and better preserve your health. With good health insurance the doors to preventative care services are wide open. From cholesterol screenings to blood work, your small monthly premium helps save you more money in the long-term by discovering potential health issues before they become life-threatening issues.  

Need Affordable Health Insurance in San Antonio

If you don't have any pre-existing conditions that require ongoing medical treatment, choosing a private health insurance plan can be a great option. The costs are much more affordable than the ACA plans, the rates are very stable, PPO coverage is nationwide, and you can enroll at any time during the year, unlike the ACA options.  In addition, 100% of your premiums are tax-deductible. 

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